International Workshops: Angamardana Isha Hatha Yoga

(in English) 


1–2 Nov 2017

9-10 Dec 2017

2-3 Feb 2018

Program at a Glance:

Day 1:

8:30 AM-9:00 AM Registration

Day 1:


12:00-13:00 lunch

Day 2:




 11:00-12:00 lunch




The programme is conducted by trained teachers.

Due to the nature of the programme, attendance on all 2 days is mandatory to fulfill the aims of the workshops. A wholesome vegetarian breakfast and lunch will be served (provided and included in the registration fee).
Participants are not required to have any previous background on Yoga.

By attending one of the workshops, participants will be able to continue the practice without any need for more courses.

Registration Fee; 150-190 Euro

Please check out the registration fee payment information here.

A discount on the programme is available to students, seniors and couples or groups of 2 or more. 

To register, Please click here for registration form (Please choose for a discount on the registration form).

Age Restriction: 15 years and above


Conference Center KOPERNIKA ul. Copernicus 30
00-336 Warsaw, Poland

Workshops Venue (Conference Center KOPERNIKA ul. Copernicus 30 00-336 Warsaw, Poland)